Nakiri Knife 165mm (6.5") Damascus 69 Layer - Ginga


Ideal for: Chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing.

Useful on food types: All vegetables.

Damascus 69 Layer (ZA-18 stainless steel)
180mm (7.1") Nakiri Knife
Handle Type: Japanese Style, Wenge and Buffalo Horn Handle

Weight:139 g
Blade Width: 45 mm 
Blade Thickness:2 mm
Handle Length:133 mm
Handle Thickness: 26 mm

This is a Sakai Takayuki Western style series that is resistant to rust. This series is called Ginga which means Galaxy, evident by the stunning visual patterns on the blades. The handle is beautiful Wenge wood.  Wenge is an African timber that has a beautiful black and gentle color tone and a unique delicate grain. It is known as very strong and hard wood.

ZA-18 has features very similar to VG-10 steel. While VG-10 is the primary steel of the Takefu steel manufacturer, ZA-18 is made by Aichi Steel. The steels have a similar chemical composition, with ZA-18 having a slightly higher content of carbon, chromium, molybdenum and cobalt, and thus a little more strength, durability and corrosion resistance. The steel has been tempered to a hardness of around 61-63 HRC.

Nakiri Japanese vegetable knives are double bevel knives designed specifically for use with vegetables.  The double bevel vegetable knife is a great option for breaking down any fruits or vegetables.

This series can be used widely from home to professional. Please do not cut bone or frozen food. It may cause the knife to chip or other damaged. No dishwasher please.

Customer Reviews

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Steven C.

This is a great knife! I don’t do many reviews but for this I’ll make an exception, I was surprised at just how sharp it is and the ease it sliced through onions, potatoes, peppers. It is amazing I have quite a few very good knives that are very good, this one beats them all it is comfortable to hold and use. I still can’t get over how sharp it is. You will not be dissatisfied or disappointed with this knife.