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TUS Stainless Steel 240mm (9.4") / 270mm (10.6") Sujihiki Slicer Knife

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Ideal for: Slicing

Useful on food types: Slicing fish fillets, sushi & sashimi, turkey, roast beef, squid, octopus, other seafood

Sujihiki Knife
Blade Material: TUS Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 240 mm (9.4") / 270 mm (10.6")
Edge Type: Double Bevel

Weight: 165 / 180 g
Blade Width: 34 / 38 mm
Blade Thickness: 2 /2 mm
Handle Length: 112 / 112 mm
Handle Thickness: 25 / 25 mm

The Sujihiki blade is characterized by its narrow width and short height. These dimensions allow for less surface area and less friction when slicing through meat. This is a perfect combination for slicing through delicate fish in a single clean stroke, in particular for sashimi. This knife is also useful for such things as large pieces of meat from poultry. This blade is also characterized by double beveled edges.

This series of TUS knives are very light and well balanced, perfect for repetitive tasks. Additionally, this blade has some flex to it for those chef's that prefer their knife to not be quite so rigid as some of the other steel knives. This blade is great for slicing  as well as such things as removing skin from fish due to it's flexibility. 

Please do not cut bone or frozen food. It may cause the knife to chip or other damaged. No dishwasher please.