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We post product images as reference. There is no guarantee that you receive the exact same knife as the images on our website because the blade pattern, horn or wood handles are nature materials and may vary. Also, some of our Japanese knives are handmade by a master craftsmen, so each knife is unique. We are happy to answer your question before you purchase.



Aoki Hamono digital catalog

We do have the option to order items not listed on our website.  The additional products can be viewed on the manufacturer's catalog (note: not all items in the catalog may be available as many are handmade).

Aoki-Hamono (English version)  Aoki-Hamono (Japanese version)

Contact us with any inquiries!

These are considered a special orders and the custom order restrictions apply with regards to modification, cancellation or returns. 



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Please visit our shipping page for more information.

We Care About Our Environment

We use recycled or re-used box or packing materials because we care about our environment. Not to worry though, the inner knife box is new and you feel that you are opening up a present.



Change, Modify or Return an order

Modifying or Canceling

After you have placed an order, if you need to modify or cancel the order, please contact us within 24 hours. We will work with you as wish. Please note: we will NOT accept modifications or cancellations on your order after we have shipped the item(s).

Custom orders can not be modified or canceled after the order is placed.  

Return Policy & Warranty

Please refer to our Return Policy & Warranty page for detailed information.



Kimono gift wrapping available. 

We do have a gift wrapping optionavailable. Our gift wrapping uses traditional Japanese kimono pattern fabric. We picked these beautiful Kimono patterns in Japan. Our desire is that everyone receiving our knives as a gift feels that they are opening a special gift from Japan each time.



Frequently asked questions traditional Japanese town.

I don't know which knife is best for me. Can you help me out?

Absolutely! We would happy to help you to choose your first Japanese knife. If this is your first Japanese knife or if you just aren't quite sure which knife you should getting to add to your collection, please reach out to us! We would love to help you find the right knife.

Can I use the dishwasher to clean these knives?

PLEASE don't. These knives have a higher carbon content than most knives which creates some significant benefits such as being extremely sharp and great edge retention. However, the high carbon content also makes these knives more prone to chipping when knocked around in a dishwasher as is apt to happen. Additionally, leaving these knives in a damp/wet environment for extended periods of time can cause discoloration, staining, or rust (even in those termed as "stainless steel")

Can I create a custom order?

Custom knife castle Sakai Takayuki

Selected design can be engraved on specific knives with additional cost. Please contact us with questions. Laser etching with alphabet, kanji, hiragana and katakana can also be added additional cost. We would love to help you pick your name with Kanji!

Additionally, custom handle work can also be done. Please reach out to us if this is something you are interested in. 

Left handed versions of some of the Japanese style knives are also available. Due to limited demand, these versions have an additional cost and may require some additional time to order.

It should be noted that custom orders require payment in advance and are non-refundable once the order is placed. These orders are done in Japan and may take 1-3 months depending on the workload of the master craftsmen. Also, international shipping timeframe. Custom orders can not be modified or canceled after the order is placed.  

Is it OK to give knife as gift?

Yes, you most certainly can! Since ancient times in Japan, knives have been treated as "sacred", and it is said that each time a milestone came, it came as a new entry with a new blade.

Cutlery is also treated as a gift celebrating happiness such as celebration / marriage, including the meaning of cutting off evil and misfortune, breaking up new future and happiness, as an amulet and protecting sword.

We are also accepting names, custom engravings, stamps of the original logo.

Questions we didn't answer here? Please reach out to us. We would be happy to answer your questions!