At Hasu-Seizo, we’re passionate about showcasing authentic Japanese kitchen knives for home cooks and professional chefs. We source our knives from some of the most storied knifemakers in Japan, including Kaneshige Hamono, Doi Knives, Sawakazuma, Misuzu Hamono, Isamitsu, and Sakai Takayuki (our family brand).

Extensive Catalog of Professional Japanese Chef Knives

The process of creating a Japanese knife is highly intricate and involved. From the type of blade to the shape of its type and the materials used to forge it, everything is carefully calibrated to give you unmatched precision and convenience with every slice and cut.

There are several types of Japanese chef knives for professionals and amateurs alike — all of which you’ll find in our catalog. You can browse them based on the function you’d like to perform. For example, Gyuto and Santoku are excellent all-purpose chef knives. Petty and Mukimono are great for small-scale prep work. Nakiri and Usuba knives will help you prepare a range of fruits and vegetables, while Deba knives make butchering meat effortless.

You can also explore knives made from different high-carbon alloys, such as White Steel #1, Blue Steel #2, stainless steel, Ginsan, AUS-10, Swedish steel, Molybdenum, and more.

Browse our accessories for additional kitchen implements as well as tools to help you maintain your knives like whetstones and knife protectors. If you know someone who’d love an authentic Japanese knife, we have a range of online gift cards you can buy to surprise them.

Experience Exquisite Craftsmanship

Knifemaking is a very intricate art in Japan that goes back centuries to the Sengoku period (1467-1568 CE). The kitchen knives are handmade by master craftsmen – their skills passed down from generation to generation, skills that were originally developed by legendary Japanese swordsmiths.

Each design is obsessed over and perfected until it’s the best way to perform its intended task. The blades are forged using high-quality materials that result in highly durable and long-lasting kitchen knives. Professional Japanese chefs train for years to master their techniques and are celebrated for their level of skill.

Enhance your own knife skills by adding one or more of these Japanese kitchen knives to your collection. Precisely and finely slice, cut, and chop ingredients with ease and effortlessness. Shop bespoke Japanese knives online at Hasu-Seizo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Japanese bladesmiths spend decades learning their craft to create perfectly calibrated kitchen knives. They also use high-quality steel while forging them, all of which leads to outstanding quality and impressive durability. Buy a Japanese knife on our online store today and experience the difference!

Most Japanese knives are purpose-built for specific tasks, whether that’s preparing vegetables, deboning meat, carving sushi, fine-slicing produce, and more. Identify the tasks you perform most frequently and buy a knife to match. If you’re looking for just one knife, consider something like the Gyuto or Santoku — both excellent all-purpose chef knives, preferred by Japanese professionals and amateurs alike. 

Browse our Knife Buying Guide for more information or simply reach out to us for help in choosing your ideal knife.

With the right care, a Japanese knife can last you a lifetime! We recommend hand-washing your knife with warm water instead of placing it in a dishwasher. Dry it immediately with a soft cloth and store it away from moisture to prevent rust and corrosion. You can regularly apply Tsubaki Camellia Oil to help with this as well.

Have your Japanese chef knife professionally sharpened with a whetstone at regular intervals to help preserve its edge.