Chef Knives Gift Guide: Delight Your Favorite Culinary Enthusiast with These Kitchen Treasures

by Ryan Shaffer December 03, 2022 7 min read

Japanese Chef Knife Gift With Wooden Handle on Red Cherries

Looking for the perfect gift to delight your favorite chef, cooking enthusiast, or barbeque aficionado? Your search ends here! We have curated a selection of kitchen gifts that cater to every budget and celebration. 

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday festivity, or just an opportunity to show appreciation, our extensive gifting guide will ensure you find the ideal present.

Explore the below range of options, from our professional Japanese chef knife gifts to specialty pruning shears, all designed to bring joy and culinary inspiration.

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Gifts under $50

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Gifts for Cooking / BBQ

Gifts for Cooking / Baking

Gifts for Vegetable Lovers

Gifts under $25

Finding the perfect present doesn’t have to strain your wallet. We recommend the following thoughtful and affordable tokens of appreciation. 

1.Sea Animal Shape Japanese Grater

Steel Sea Animal Graters with Fruits and Carrot on Wooden Surface

Chef’s knife gifts are not the only items you can get from Hasu-Seizo, our whimsical sea animal graters are a delightful addition to any kitchen collection. This unique Japanese kitchen gift combines functionality and charm, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate both style and utility in their culinary tools. 

Crafted with keen attention to detail, this grater comes in four super kawaii (cute) sea animal shapes: Sea Bream, Pufferfish, Flatfish, and Squid. Its sharp teeth make it easy to grate ginger, garlic, citrus zest, and more. 

2.Brass Urokotori

In Japanese, Uroko translates to "fish scale," and Tori means "remover" or "picker." So, when combined, Urokotori refers to a tool specifically designed for removing fish scales. 

The Urokotori is a versatile and efficient tool for any seafood enthusiast. Instead of using their chef knife gift for this delicate task, it allows your loved one to safely and effortlessly remove fish scales without damaging the flesh. 

Expertly crafted from solid brass, this scaler is durable and easy to clean. It simplifies the cooking preparation process for a delightful cooking experience, making it a thoughtful and practical alternative to Japanese knife gifts for fish lovers. 

Gifts Under $50

These budget-friendly presents are the perfect accessories for any culinary enthusiast, helping you show your appreciation without breaking the bank. 

3.Kyocera Ceramic Roll Sharpener

This item should be next on your list if you have already gotten them a Japanese chef knife gift. It’s a must-have tool for maintaining stainless steel and titanium Japanese knives. 

Designed to be easy to use, the Kyocera ceramic roll sharpener hones both sides of the blade for fast and impressive results. The ceramic roll is also gentle and thus safe to use. 

Your loved one can keep their knives in top condition for speed, precision, and efficiency in their cooking. 

4.Kai Seki Magoroku Wide Stainless Steel Peeler


Manufactured by the renowned Japanese brand KAI, the Seki Magoroku stainless steel series offers exceptional quality and precision in its chef knife gifts and other culinary tools. This slicer and Julienne peeler set is no exception. 

Its wide design is perfect for tasks like shredding cabbage and radish. Plus, the blade's unique shape allows for smooth cleaning and convenient blade removal, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. 

Elevate your loved one’s culinary exploits with a high-quality peeler — perfect for achieving precise slices and juliennes. 

Gifts Under $100

5. ARS High Carbon Steel Pruning Shears

A top-tier chef deserves a top-tier gift like these ARS pruning shears in Type S 7 inches, crafted with high carbon steel. 

While designed for professional-grade performance in the garden, the exceptional quality and precision make this pair of shears equally impressive in the kitchen. Rust and sap are no match for the sharp edge blade coated in hard chrome, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and durability. Plus, the comfortable grip provided by the soft PVC-covered handle makes these pruning shears a pleasure to use, just like a chef's favorite knife. 

Don’t let them use their Japanese knife gifts for pruning, surprise your beloved chef with this versatile and thoughtful gift that’s perfect for both kitchen and garden endeavors. 

6.Japanese Sharpening Stone

Hand Sharpening Japanese Knife Gift on Whetstone with Purple Case

We often think chef's knife gifts are the ultimate present, but have you ever considered getting them a specialized Japanese sharpening stone to keep their current set in top shape? 

Our newly bolstered whetstone collection features the finest Japanese brands such as Naniwa, King, Shapton, and Sakai Takayuki, and grit options ranging from #120 to the finest #8000. 

These stones are a great complement to their cherished knives, ensuring razor-sharp edges for precise cuts every time. It’s a unique kitchen knife gift that any chef or culinary enthusiast will appreciate. 

Gifts Under $200

7.Sakai Takayuki Kengata Santoku Knife

Give the gift of time-honored craftsmanship with the Sakai Takayuki Kengata Santoku knife, a blade that embodies the rich heritage of Japanese knife-making expertise. 

The Santoku is an all-purpose knife that can be used much like a Western chef's knife, making it an excellent gateway to the world of authentic Japanese knives. It’s the perfect chef knife gift for cutting fish, chicken, and vegetables. Plus, this type has a nimble Kengata tip for precise tasks. 

Fashioned with a VG-10 core and 33-layer Damascus steel, it's a masterpiece that will last a lifetime.

8.Damascus Nakiri Knife with Magnolia Wood Handle

Nakiri Chef’s Knife Gift With Vegetables on Chopping Board

The Damascus Nakiri knife is the perfect Japanese knife gift for vegetable enthusiasts and aspiring chefs alike. This Sakai Takayuki Western-style series boasts a 160mm (6.3") Nakiri knife crafted with 45 Layer Damascus steel and a magnolia wood handle, ensuring beauty and functionality. 

The blade also features a captivating hammer eye pattern, showcasing a beautiful ripple that elevates its aesthetic appeal. From home cooks to professional chefs, this versatile knife is designed to impress with its exquisite craftsmanship and wide range of culinary applications.

Gift it over the holidays or simply surprise your favorite cook with this fascinating blade — it’s a chef knife gift that seamlessly blends artistry and practicality. 

Gifts Over $200

9.Ginsan Damascus Petty Knife

A true masterpiece from our premium petty knife collection, this Ginsan Damascus knife comes in a handy 150mm (5.9”) size and showcases a stunning raindrop pattern. It is a utility knife designed for precision cutting of small meats, fruits, and vegetables. 

Crafted from high-quality Damascus Ginsan stainless steel, this knife offers remarkable sharpness akin to high-carbon steel, while also maintaining excellent rust resistance. 

For those who appreciate both form and function, this exceptional chef knife gift offers artistry and an unmatched cutting experience. 

10.Isamitsu Shirogami #1 Kiritsuke Knife 

Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife with Ripple Pattern and Two-Tone Wood Handle

Looking for a truly impressive Japanese knife gift option? This is one any kitchen aficionado will appreciate! Crafted from Shirogami #1 high carbon steel, this impressive knife takes food preparation to the next level, effortlessly slicing through dense ingredients. Not to mention, its use will make anyone feel like a true samurai in the kitchen! 

Perfect for a variety of tasks, just like a Gyuto chef knife, the Kiritsuke knife is ideal for chopping vegetables and expertly slicing sashimi. Delight your favorite cooking enthusiast with this remarkable chef knife gift — a blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge performance. 

Gifts for Cooking or Bbq

11.17 Layer Damascus Sujihiki Slicer Knife

A captivating and versatile gift option for the culinary enthusiast in your life, this Sujihiki-style blade is specifically crafted for precision cutting large pieces of fish or meat in a single, seamless slice, making it perfect for sashimi and other delicate cuts.

This kitchen knife gift also adds a touch of elegance to any chef’s collection with its mesmerizing hammer pattern finish and ripple effect. 

12.VG10 & VG2 Coreless Damascus Kengata Gyuto Japanese Chef Knife

Steel Japanese Knife With Black Handle and Vegetables on Chopping Board

A first-class Japanese knife gift for culinary enthusiasts seeking unparalleled versatility and performance, the Gyuto, also known as a chef's knife, is renowned for its multifunctionality in the kitchen. 

Treat your favorite cook or yourself to this premium chef knife gift, where craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology: The Sakai Takayuki Coreless knives feature a 190mm (7.5") blade crafted from VG10 & VG2 Damascus steel, ensuring a razor-sharp edge with exceptional edge retention. 

Gifts for Cooking or Baking

13.Pro Grade Japanese Stainless Steel Blade Mandoline

Crafted with stainless steel blades, just like Japanese high-grade knives, this vegetable slicer allows you to effortlessly create round slices, crests, julienne, and more. Whether you're preparing garnish for sashimi, sasagaki, or finely chopped ingredients, this tool has you covered.

With four interchangeable blades — straight, fine tooth, medium tooth, and coarse tooth — this mandoline offers exceptional versatility for any culinary project. Elevate their cooking experience with this top-quality gift, where precision meets efficiency in the kitchen. 

14.Hasu-Seizo Exclusive Special Edition Damascus 33-Layer Petty Knife with Japanese Black Persimmon Handle

This special edition knife is the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship, making it the ideal chef's knife gift. 

The extraordinary design showcases an exclusive persimmon wood pattern on its handle, a unique touch you can only find at Hasu-Seizo. Plus, its blade features a mesmerizing hammer eye pattern and top-quality 33-layer Damascus steel construction, guaranteeing exceptional performance and durability. 

Gifts For Vegetable Lovers

15.Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Nakiri Knife

Specially crafted for the discerning chef, the thin Damascus Nakiri knife effortlessly slices, cuts, and chops vegetables, ensuring the integrity of each component and preserving their freshness. Plus, its blade showcases a beautiful ripple pattern and a mirror finish that adds a touch of sophistication. 

16.Blue Steel #2 Kurouchi Aoniko Nakiri Knife

Blue Steel Nakiri Knife With Brown Handle on Dark-Wood Board

Embrace the allure of traditional Japanese craftsmanship by getting your loved one a classic chef knife gift. 

Meticulously handcrafted from Aogami number 2, also known as blue steel #2, this blade is celebrated for its exceptional sharpness and unwavering durability. The black finish, which is achieved through a time-honored Japanese method, also adds a touch of sophistication to the blade. 

Give the Gift of Artistic Excellence 

When it comes to choosing the perfect chef knife gift, there's nothing quite as special as gifting a piece of Japanese culinary tradition. Whether it's a handcrafted Japanese chef knife or a unique kitchen tool, the recipient will be delighted by the artistry and functionality that these treasures bring to their culinary endeavors. 

We hope you find the perfect kitchen knife gift from our selection above. In addition to our selection, we also have a collection of best sellers that have been tried and loved by many. Limited stock! Shop today to enjoy free shipping on orders over $150. 

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