Sujihiki - Slicer


Spanning anywhere from 9.5 to 12.5 inches long, a Sujihiki kitchen knife is an essential tool for anyone serious about their slicing technique. With a narrow width and short height, a Sujihiki slicer has minimal surface area and a sharp edge, which allows for less friction when you’re using it to slice through meat and fish alike.

The modern Sujihiki slicer is actually something of a hybrid between a Yanagiba slicer and a Western-style carving knife. Though the two styles of knife are very similar at a glance, closer inspection reveals a number of differences. Perhaps most notably, a Yanagiba slicer features only a single bevel, in contrast to the two bevels found on a Sujihiki. The single bevel allows for far less friction when cutting — creating what is arguably the best sushi knife on the market — but it does mean that a Yanagiba comes in a right-handed or left-handed version and is also less versatile for other applications.

A Sujihiki knife is probably best known for being used as a slicer for boneless cuts of meat; it’s an incredibly useful tool for creating fish fillets, sushi and sashimi. Additionally, it can also be used for carving roasts such as top sirloin, tri-tip or poultry. But though these are its primary functions, there are a number of reasons to buy a Sujihiki knife. It’s also a remarkably versatile blade for other applications; in a pinch, it can also be used as a chef’s knife or a general kitchen utility knife.

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