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OUL Uzu Vortex Nickle Damascus Sujihiki 240 mm / 9.4" Lacquer Handle

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Elevate your culinary escapades with the Fukui Hamono Vortex Nickel Damascus Sujihiki Knife. Crafted with a mesmerizing 67-layer Nickel Damascus stainless steel design, it epitomizes the apex of sharpness and durability, promising to enhance every kitchen endeavor with precision and flair.

Ideal for: Chopping, slicing, disjointing, dicing, and julienning.

Useful on food types: Medium to large proteins and, a variety of vegetables including carrots, onions, garlic, peppers, and lettuce.

Sujihiki Knife
Blade Material: Damascus 67 Layer (AUS-10A stainless steel core)
Blade Length: 240 mm / 9.4"
Edge Type: Double Bevel
Handle: Japanese Style

Weight: 128 g
Blade Width: 33 mm
Blade Thickness: 1 mm
Handle Length: 127 mm
Handle Thickness: 25 mm

This knife manufacturer is Fukui from Sakai Osaka established in 1912 with OUL being one of their brands. Fukui is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in Sakai. OUL means master skilled craftsmanship. 

Experience the quality of a Sakai-made blade with the Fukui Hamono 10A Nickel Damascus Sujihiki knife. This razor-sharp knife features a magnificent 67-layer nickel-Damascus construction, with a hardness of 58-60 HRC and a 240 mm / 9.4" blade. Delivering superior performance with remarkable precision, it's an ideal tool for detailed cutting and slicing.Please do not cut bone or frozen food. It may cause the knife to chip or other damage.

The Sujihiki blade is characterized by its narrow width and short height. These dimensions allow for less surface area and less friction when slicing through meat. This is a perfect combination for slicing through delicate fish in a single clean stroke, in particular for sashimi. This knife is also useful for such things as large pieces of meat from poultry. This blade is also characterized by double beveled edges.

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