Ceramic Roll Sharpener Kyocera

It is a sharpener that is suitable for stainless steel knives and easy to use. Sharpens both sides of the knife blade for fast results and safe to use. This ceramic roll sharpener is for stainless, steel, and titanium knives. This sharpener is not for one-sided knives and ceramic knives. 

Please read before use:
1.Place the roll sharpener on a stable flat surface, and hold the body by pressing it from above.
2.Put the knife in the slot and lightly move it back and forth 10 times.
3.After use, wash by hand with water. 
If abrasive debris has accumulated, open the clear cover, and wash by hand with water.
Ceramic Roll Sharpener

Weight: 62 g 
Length: 160 mm
Width: 55 mm
Height: 45 mm