Sakai Knife History

Sakai Takayuki mastercraftsman forge Japanese knife

Japanese swords have been a status symbol from ancient times.

The biggest feature of the Sakai, Japanese knives is that they are making knives with a division of labor.  Blacksmith, blade sharpening, and patterning artisans stick to their area of expertise and are making each by hand. 

Sakai knives are crafted using the same blacksmith  techniques used for Japanese swords and renowned for their amazing sharpness.  These knives are used by an astonishing 90% of Japanese chefs.

The history of Sakai's cutting edge dates back to the construction of Emperor Nintoku, which is said to be the world's largest ancient tomb made in the 5th century. It is reported that smith makers were gathered from inside Japan to settle in Sakai to make them. It was handed over as a sword manufacture from the late Heian period such as over 1000 years ago. In the Edo era in 1603 Tokugawa shogunate acknowledges the high quality, to distinguish it from that of other production areas, with the polar mark "Sakai pole" attached, it is sold exclusively and spread all over the country.


In the Genroku era of the middle Edo period, kitchen knife such as knife kitchen knife was developed by Sakai's smith craftsman, and the kind of present kitchen knife almost arrives. In a kitchen knife used by a professional chef, it boasts a market share of nearly 90%. The core blade is forged by folding selected steel many times and features supreme sharpness and brilliance; it is has been said that the human soul dwells in the sword. Japanese knives are actually works of art descended from Japanese swords, and we proudly present them to the world. The quality of meticulous workmanship represents the pride of masters who create quality knives, and the quality is ensured by traditional skills that have been continuously inherited from their predecessors. Japanese knives have their own unprecedented shapes and are without parallel in the world as knives created for cutting different foods, including fishes and vegetables, and are vital for delicate Japanese dishes.

All of our staff members wish that you would pick up the Sakai Takayuki brand products which maintain the traditional skills of Sakai's Japanese knives and demonstrate the skills of world class masters. Sakai Knife is designated as a traditional craft item and its quality is widely recognized not only in Japan but also in the world. There is nothing better than the sharpness of the tempered steel. The tradition of 600 years is still inherited, and Sakai cuttings boasting worldwide are being produced.

Sakai Takayuki Knives has been cultivated through a long 600-year history.