Made in Japan

Japanese Garden Scissors High Carbon Steel 165 mm (6.4") Koryu

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Traditional Japanese garden scissors which also can be use for Ikebana / flower arrangement or Bonsai. 

The finest Japanese flower shears with sharp blades for cutting flowers without crushing plant fibers make it easier for flowers to absorb water and allow them to live longer.  

It is made of Japanese Hagane Steel and forged using traditional skills by Japanese blacksmiths. Please wipe scissors dry with a clean cloth after use. Remove any dirt or sap with soapy water and dry scissors to prevent rust. We recommend to apply a lubricant such as mineral oil or camellia oil periodically on them to protect the metal from corrosion. 

Blade length: 45 mm

Blade thickness: 5 mm

Handle length: 95 mm

Weight: 212 g 




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