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Handmade Copper Japanese Double Sided Grater / Oroshigane

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Ideal for: grating or shredding wasabi, garlic, ginger, daikon radish, carrot or fruits.

These Japanese oroshigane produce a finer grating, so they differ significantly from Western-style graters. These Japanese oroshiganes a wonderful addition to the kitchen and are used by professional chefs. No dishwasher please.

This Japanese grater is made from copper. Highly skilled master craftsmen carefully create each teeth on the surface.  

Tip: Cover the grater with parchment paper or aluminum foil prior to grating easy clean up.

Copper Japanese Grater / Oroshigane 
Double side use

Weight: 92 g 
Length: 120 mm
Width: 60 mm

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preetinder G.

It seems hard to get the gratings off the grater. Amy suggestions !

Great question! A solution to this is parchment paper or aluminum foil. Place this over the top of the grater, use like normal, then when done, remove the sheet. The teeth still grate the surface but cleanup is much easier.

Hope this helps!