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Double sided Japanese Whetstone (Toishi) with Base - Combination Grit 220 and 800

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This is a double sided Japanese Whetstone (Toishi) with base useful when recontouring a knife or fixing a chipped knife. The sharpening stone is a combination Grit 220 (Green side) and 800 (Red side).

The Japanese Whetstone (Toishi) manufacturer Matsunaga with the brand name King is from Osaka Japan. They are the oldest and best-known Toishi maker of Japan.
This is a double sided Whetstone (Toishi) with Combination Grit 220 and 800 which is rough (green side)and medium. (red side) Rough side is for repairing a large edge that may include chips or cracks. Medium side is for a middle sharpening point after using the rough grinding stone.  This will decrease the grinding pattern on the metal after a rough stone. 

Please read before use:
1.Soak in water the whetstone (Toishi) both side about 3 minutes before use.
2. While using the whetstone, add little water on the surface as needed. 
3.After use, let the whetstone dry very well. Otherwise, the whetstone might be crack or mold. Put it into the plastic case once finished.  

Weight: 753 g 
Whetstone Length: 185 mm
Whetstone Width: 63 mm
Whetstone Thickness: 25 mm