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Hounen Kihan Oborozuki Ginsan Nashiji Santoku Knife 165 mm / 6.5" with Magnolia Handle

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Revolutionize your cooking with the Hounen Kihan Oborozuki Ginsan Nashiji Santoku Knife! Featuring a formidable 6.5" blade crafted with Ginsan steel and a chic Nashiji finish, you'll slice and dice with precision and strength. The Magnolia handle and Buffalo Ferrule guarantee a secure yet elegant grip. Perfect for culinary adventurers seeking excellence in their meals!

Ideal for: Chopping, slicing, dicing, and julienning.

Useful on food types: Small to medium proteins, variety of vegetables including carrots, onions, garlic, peppers, and lettuce.

Santoku Knife
Blade Material: Ginsan Steel (Silver #3) Stainless Steel with Nashiji finish
Blade Length: 165 mm (6.5")
Edge Type: Double Bevel
Handle: Magnolia with Buffalo Ferrule

Weight: 127 g
Blade Width: 47 mm
Blade Thickness: 2 mm
Handle Length: 125 mm
Handle Thickness: 25 mm

Ginsan is a Japanese steel which is very fine-grained stainless steel and can have an edge sharpness and edge retention similar to some high-carbon steels. This steel is generally thought to be slightly easier to sharpen than VG-10 while also slightly more susceptible to rust due to the lower chromium content.

Handmade Santoku knives are designed to be thin knives that slice, cut & chop easily through meat or vegetables to maintain the integrity of each component and freshness.

Crafted from Hounen Kihan, sourced from the venerable enclave of Miki city in Hyogo, with roots tracing back to 1947, this knife embodies the ethos of "Pursuit of Sharpness" as espoused by its makers. With an unwavering commitment to upholding the time-honored art of Japanese knife crafting, they meticulously select the finest materials tailored for each creation, harmoniously uniting the merits of mechanized precision and artisanal handiwork. The result is a series of culinary tools that epitomize an unparalleled level of sharpness and intrinsic value.

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