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Japanese Children Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife 115 mm (4.5")

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Kid friendly kitchen knife has a rounded tip and is safer than adult knives. With a guard that the blade does not hit when being held. The blades are still sharp so adult supervision is always required.

The elastomer resin handle that can be gripped even with a small hand.  If a child actually uses a kitchen knife to help cook, you can experience the difficulty and enjoyment of cooking with them. Making dishes is also a good influence for children, so pick up kids kitchen knives well and support children's food debut! 

Please do not cut bone or frozen food. It may cause the knife to chip or other damaged. No dishwasher please.

Children Kitchen Knife
115 mm (4.5")
Blade: Stainless steel 
Handle: Elastomer resin

Weight: 70 g
Blade Width: 40 mm
Blade Thickness: 1 mm
Handle Length: 110 mm
Handle Thickness: 20 mm

Customer Reviews

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Seth D.
great little knife for the kiddo

Hy 4 year old has been interested in helping out in the kitchen. We picked this up for him to have something real to start working on his knife skills. It has been great! The handle is the right size for his hands, and the relief behind the blade makes it easier for him to hold the knife correctly without worrying about cutting himself.

Briony M.
Beautiful Little Knife

I was super happy with this purchase. It's well made and feels much better quality than many other toddler-training knives. Also sweet to get a hand-written note with our package.

Krystal Z.

The kids have been learning and they like how sharp they are. I'm a bit nervous but so far so good. Thanks for these easily handled by little hands knives. My kids are 8 and 6, so a bit older for learning, but this makes it so much easier for them to learn.