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Japanese Flattening Stone / Mennaoshi Toishi

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Japanese Flattening Stone / Mennaoshi Toishi
The Japanese Whetstone (Toishi) manufacturer Matsunaga with the brand name King from Osaka Japan. They are the oldest and best-known Toishi maker of Japan. When you use a whetstone, the surface should be flat otherwise your knife won't be evenly sharpened. It allows you to make your whetstone surface flat and clean. 

Please read before use:
1. Soak in water your whetstone (toishi) and make sure the whetstone is very wet before use. You don't need to soak in water the flattening stone. 
2. While flattening your whetstone, add a little water on the surface as needed. 
3. After use, let the whetstone dry very well. Otherwise, the whetstone might be crack or mold. 

Weight:  533 g 
Length: 170 mm
Width: 55 mm
Thickness: 30 mm