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Japanese Noren Curtain with light fabric - The Great Wave of Kanagawa

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Noren is traditional Japanese fabric curtain / divider. The original purpose is to prevent dust, wind and rain from coming into the house. They also, keep a house cool from the heat and keep it warm from cold. This beautiful noren is The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai who is one of the most famous artists in Japan.  It creates a great Japanese feel to the interior such as in a bedroom,living room, patio, bathroom or office. It can hang with a extension pole. (The pole is not included). This version of noren is made from a light fabric like a lace. Made in Japan. It is recommended to hang dry. Do not dry cleaning. Please use a cloth cover on the noren when ironing.

Noren Curtain with light fabric
The Great Wave off Kanagawa
100% Polyester 
Weight: 233 g 
Length: 150 cm / 59 in
Width: 85 cm / 33.5 in