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Japanese Toishi Sharpening Stone with Base - Grit 6000 (Finishing Whetstone)

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Japanese Tosihi Sharpening Stone / Whetstone with base Grit 6000
The Japanese Whetstone (Toishi) manufacturer Matsunaga with the brand name King from Osaka Japan. They are the oldest and best-known Toishi maker of Japan.
This is a double sided Whetstone (Toishi) with 6000.This is finishing whetstone is used when creating minor adjustments to the cutting edge. Since the polishing power is weak, use it after grinding with a medium whetstone. 

DO NOT soak in water! 

Weight: 753 g 
Whetstone Length: 185 mm
Whetstone Width: 63 mm
Whetstone Thickness: 25 mm