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Miki Hamono Gokuao Aogami Super / Blue Super Steel Santoku Knife 170 mm / 6.7" with Rosewood Handle

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This Miki Hamono Gokuao Aogami Super chef's knife is crafted with uncompromising quality, offering superior edge retention and performance. The blade is made from Aogami Super, a high-grade, high-carbon steel that will outlast and outperform ordinary kitchen cutlery. The Rosewood handle is ergonomically designed and expertly crafted for superior comfort and balance. 

Ideal for: Chopping, slicing, dicing, and julienning.

Useful on food types: Small to medium proteins, variety of vegetables including carrots, onions, garlic, peppers, and lettuce.

Santoku Knife
Blade Material: Aogami Super (Blue Super Steel) Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 170 mm / 6.7"

Edge Type: Double Bevel
Handle: Rosewood

Weight: 134 g
Blade Width: 44 mm
Blade Thickness: 2 mm
Handle Length: 125 mm
Handle Thickness: 25 mm

Transform your culinary craft with this exquisite Santoku, and indulge in a heightened culinary experience.

Handmade Santoku knives are designed to be thin knives that slice, cut & chop easily through meat or vegetables to maintain the integrity of each component and freshness.

This handmade Santoku knife is made of Aogami (Blue Super Steel) with excellent sharpness and durability.  This blade needs to be cared for more than stainless steel as it will rust easier, water should be removed immediately.

This knife is made from Miki Hamono Seisakusho where is located in Miki city in Hyogo.  They established in 1935. They are small town family-owned blacksmith, focused on high quality two blade steel and soft iron, based on the old-fashioned manufacturing method like Katana sword making of old.  Cutting through life, savor its essence by relentlessly chasing "metal's tenacity."

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