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Sakai Takayuki Rinka Ginsan Silver #3 Sakimaru-Takohiki 390mm (15.4") with Decorative Handle and Saya - Cherry Blossom Engraving - Slicer

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The blade has arched shape which is reproducing the element of the traditional Japanese swords Katana. Also forged and sharpened carefully by skillful craftsmen. On the blade engraved HAIKU(Japanese seventeen-syllable poem) is "Miru hito ni, mono no aware wo shirasureba, tsuki ya konoyo no kagami naruramu". To let people who see the moon know "Mono no aware (the sadness or pathos of things)", the moon might exist as a mirror of this world.

The knife, handle and saya are hand-crafted in Japan and may take 1-3 months to fulfill depending on the workload of the master craftsman and due to international shipping. It should be noted that custom orders require payment in advance and are non-refundable once the order is placed.

*Product images are as reference. Color, pattern and size may differ since each products are handmade by the master craftsmen.  

Ideal for: Slicing

Useful on food types: Medium to large proteins

Sakimaru-Takohiki Knife
Blade Material: Ginsan / Silver #3 Stainless Steel with mirror finished
Blade Length: 390mm (15.4") 
Edge Type: Single Bevel - Right Handed

Weight: 352 g

Yanagiba which literally means Willow Leaf. While Eastern Japan, the Tokyo region, uses the name "Yanagiba" for this style of knife, to the west in the Osaka and Kyoto regions, these knives are known as the Shobu. The shape is a slim blade which looks like a Katana (sword), suitable for slicing tasks.  The style of knife is well known as a great sashimi knife, with a single bevel edge good for cutting and filleting fish.  Its pointed and easy to use, it is possible to cut beautiful sashimi just by pulling in a single motion without moving the kitchen knife back and forth.

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Cy D.
Work of Art

While on the internet I came across a photo of this beautiful Katana looking knife - reached out to Hasu Seizo to purchase it - it was available in a 390mm length - it was long a length for me - asked Midori and Ryan of Hasu Seizo if they would consider making me a shorter blade version - they reached out to the blacksmith and handle and saya artists who agreed to my request - this knife is my most prized of my 11 knife collect - simply beautiful