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Sakai Takayuki Baikoku Shironiko / White Steel #2 Petty Knife 140mm / 5.5" Burnt Oak Handle

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The Sakai Takayuki Baikoku Shironiko Petty Knife is a luxury culinary tool crafted from White Steel and held by a beautiful Burnt Oak Handle. With its carefully balanced blade, it comfortably fits in your hands and glides effortlessly through a variety of ingredients. The perfect choice for the discerning chef.

Ideal for: Slicing and dicing.

Useful on food types: Small proteins as well as small to medium fruits and vegetables including apples, oranges, carrots, broccoli, and garlic.

Santoku Knife
Blade Material: Shirogami #2 / White Steel #2 Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 140mm / 5.5"
Edge Type: Double Bevel
Handle Type: Japanese Style, Burnt Oak Handle

Weight: 87 g
Blade Width: 31 mm
Blade Thickness: 2 mm
Handle Length: 118 mm
Handle Thickness: 22 mm

Enhance your cooking with a Shironiko Japanese Petty knife

Using traditional Japanese steel, White Steel #2 (Shirogami) steel is a traditional Japanese steel forged together with a softer iron. These hand forged blades show true craftsmanship. The blade is just simple beauty and gorgeous shiny finish.  

This blade needs to be cared for more than stainless steel as it will rust easier, water should be removed immediately. It is a fascinating knife that can be used widely from home to professional.  Please do not cut bone or frozen food. It may cause the knife to chip or other damaged.

Petty & Paring knives are small utility kitchen knives perfect for small proteins, fruits and vegetables.

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