Nakiri Vegetable Knife 160mm (6.3")Damascus 33 Layer


Ideal for: Chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing.

Useful on food types: All vegetables.

Damascus 33 Layer (VG-10 core)
160mm (6.3") Nakiri Knife
Spanish Mahogany Handle

Weight: 191 g
Blade Width: 46 mm 
Blade Thickness: 2 mm
Handle Length: 120 mm
Handle Thickness: 25 mm

This is a Sakai Takayuki Western style series that is resistant to rust.  The blade has a hammer eye pattern full and is a fascinating blade that features a beautiful ripple that can be used widely from home to professional. Please do not cut bone or frozen food. It may cause it to chip. No dishwasher please. 

Nakiri Japanese vegetable knives are double bevel knives designed specifically for use with vegetables.  The double bevel vegetable knife is a great option for breaking down any fruits or vegetables.

Customer Reviews

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Best vegetable knife in the world!

For Mother’s Day, my son gave me a Japanese Damascus VG-10 Sakai Takayuki knife.
This knife has simplified my life and enhanced my cooking.
In the past, I was a little afraid of sharp knives, so I used cheap, blunt knives.
This Japanese knife has changed my ability as a cook.
Now I can chop, slice, cube, dice, and shred with ease and precision.
Every day I eat an abundance of vegetables and fruits and cook a variety of dishes.
Chopping onions I now feel masterful.
Slicing raw sweet potatoes or carrots or cubing butternut squash is nearly effortless.
To cut frozen Brussels spouts in half is zip, zip.
Plus the precision makes finely chopping garlic or ginger simple.
Cutting the rind of a pineapple and creating edible slices takes less than a minute or two.
Watermelon can be sliced with ease.
The knife is easy to manage because of the weight in the handle and the design of the blade.
It is not a chef’s knife. The design is specifically for vegetables.
This knife is the best Mother’s Day gift I have ever received.

Sarah W.
Beautiful and functional

This knife is gorgeous and expertly made. It's a joy to use, and we look forward to every opportunity to use it! We received wonderful service from Midori who helped guide us to making the right purchase, and answering all of our questions. Thank you!