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Sawakazuma Ryumon VG-10 17 Layer Damascus Santoku 170mm / 6.6"

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Introducing Sawakazuma's Ryumon VG-10 17 Layer Damascus Santoku - a delightfully sharp kitchen knife that's ready to slice and dice whatever you throw its way! This Santoku is made of VG-10 stainless steel and features a Damascus design. So put some swagger in your cutlery drawer!

Ideal for: Chopping, slicing, dicing, and julienning.

Useful on food types: Small to medium proteins, variety of vegetables including carrots, onions, garlic, peppers, and lettuce.

Santoku Knife
Blade Material: VG-10 17 layer Damascus
Blade Length: 170mm / 6.6"
Edge Type: Double Bevel

Weight: 139 g
Blade Width: 45 mm
Blade Thickness: 1 mm
Handle Length: 120 mm
Handle Thickness: 20 mm

Santoku knives vs. chef knives

Santoku knives are typically shorter and lighter than chef knives, with a thinner blade that tapers to a point. This makes them ideal for slicing and dicing vegetables and delicate tasks like mincing garlic or ginger. 

Chef knives, on the other hand, are usually longer and heavier, with thicker blades and curved edges. This design makes them better suited for tasks such as chopping meat or crushing garlic cloves. 

Enhance your cooking with a VG-10 Santoku knife

This is a Sawakazma Western-style series made out of VG-10 stainless steel that’s resistant to rust. The blade has a beautiful Damascus patterning. It’s functional and can also be displayed as artwork while not in use.

Santoku Japanese chef knives are designed to be thin knives that slice, cut & chop easily through meat or vegetables to maintain the integrity and freshness of each component.

The best santoku knives from Echizen

Santoku knives are also known in Japan as Bunka Bōchō. In the U.S., the Bunka is sometimes used to describe the Kengata Santoku, which has an angled tip allowing for more detailed slicing or cutting.

This knife maker is Sawakazuma from Echizen city, Fukui, located along the Sea of Japan. Echizen knives have a long history, dating back 700 years. While Japanese knives are typically designed with thinner blades than their European counterparts, the knives from Echizen take are even narrower.

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The Santoku knife cannot be used to cut bone or frozen food, as it may chip.

You should also avoid using a dishwasher to clean it.

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