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Sheath / Saya for Santoku Japanese Chef Knife

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The best way to protect your knife is a sheath (Saya) from moisture to damage in a drawer or during transport. Japanese knives and Saya are slightly different in thickness and length. It made from magnolia wood.   

Please note: This item is handmade from wood which is fit to the knife vary.  There is no guarantee to match with your knife.  We highly recommend to purchase with our Santoku knife so we make sure the sheath and the knife are fitted. We do not accept returns or exchanges if you purchase sheath by itself.
Storage size is 180 mm Santoku knife
Sheath / Saya for Santoku Japanese Knife

Length: 218 mm
Weight: 41 g
Width: 55 mm
Thickness: 10 mm

Santoku knives are also known in Japan as Bunka Bōchō.  In the U.S. the Bunka is sometimes used to describe the Kengata Santoku which has the angled tip allowing for more detailed slicing or cutting.