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Stainless Steel Japanese Grater / Oroshigane with Bamboo Brush

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Japanese oroshigane is perfect for grating or shredding wasabi, horseradish, ginger, daikon radish, carrot or fruits. These Japanese oroshigane produce a finer grating, so they differ significantly from Western-style graters. These Japanese oroshiganes are the best and are used by professional chefs.

This is double sided Japanese grater. Double sided Japanese grater is in common use with different coarseness. The finer side is for making puree or to grate vegetable or fruits. The coarse side is for leaving more texture.  This comes with a bamboo brush for scraping the metrical of the grater. No dishwasher please.

Tip: Cover the grater with parchment paper prior to grating easy clean up.

Stainless Steel Japanese Grater / Oroshigane with bamboo brush
Small Size (Both side use)

Weight: 222 g 
Blade Length: 230 mm
Blade Width: 115 mm
Handle Length: 100 mm
Handle Thickness: 25 mm

Customer Reviews

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Well made, solid kitchen tool. I have used it for garlic and ginger so far. Customer service is friendly with a personal touch. Happy I found them.

Fantastic kitchen tool!

Wow! What a wonderful grater and company! I could not imagine what would result, when putting a single sheet of parchment over a grater. Amazingly, the thin grating blades poke through and hold the parchment in place. I used a light, circular motion for both ginger and garlic. Each transformed into a creamy consistency sitting on top of the parchment. It was easy, and relatively fast.
Midori translated the information on the packaging from Japanese to English. I am so appreciative! I now look forward to using the Oroshgane with horseradish, carrots, tomatoes and apples!

Love this grater

This grater can do a very fine grate. Midori suggested that I cover the grater with parchment paper (baking paper) then press whatever I am grating down on the paper and rub back and forth . What a great idea. It was easy to collect the ginger and so easy to clean up. Thank you Midori. Great product.