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Japanese Woodblock Print Ukiyo-e Ōkubi-e by Chokosai Eisho

Handmade reproduction woodblock print by skillful expert artisans with traditional woodblock print in Edo era in 1800's. NOT MACHINE COPY.

Ukiyo-e is the Japanese woodblock print. His drawing period was from 1793 to 1799 during Edo priod. Ōkubi-e is a Japanese portrait print or painting in the Ukiyo-e genre showing only the head or the head and upper torso and one of the Ukiyo-e styles mainly drawn in the Edo period.  Great condition. 

Japanese Ukiyo-e Woodblock Print
Chokosai Eisho 
*All sales of Ukiyo-e are final. The ukiyo-e may have some creases and stains due to age.

Material: Washi Paper
 Length: 38.5 cm / 15 in
Width: 25.5 cm / 10 in