Gyuto Knife Guide

Japanese Gyuto Knives | The Chef’s Knife

Japanese Gyuto knives are multi-purpose kitchen knives similar to the classic Western Chef knife and are ideal for a wide variety of kitchen tasks. These versatile knives can be used with many different cutting techniques, and are suitable for cutting fish, meats, vegetables, and fruits.

Gyuto knives represent a true multi-purpose addition to your knife collection. They are also artisanal heirlooms, which with the right care can last a lifetime and beyond.

There are many common slicing techniques used with the Gyuto Knife. Let’s explore them.

Chopping or Thrust-Cutting

For chopping or thrust-cutting with a Gyuto knife, we position the vegetables or goods to be sliced near the heel of the knife. This technique allows for a clean cut through tough or firm produce.


To rock-chop with a Gyuto knife, we can see-saw across a selection of meats or vegetables to roughly or finely dice them into chunks or mince.


To push-cut or pull-cut with the Gyuto knife, we use the slope, from the heel of the blade to the tip to glide between pieces of meat. This style of slicing is one of the most common with Japanese kitchen knives due to the blades tending to be thinner than their Western counterparts.

The shorter the blade of a Gyuto Knife, the more nimble it is. Japanese Gyuto Knives with longer blades provide more slicing power. We recommend a medium length for general kitchen use.

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